The Four Year Career

The Four Year Career

Pamela and Kevin Barnum were able to replace their $250,000 a year at stressful careers, in just 18 months with Network Marketing.

As a Canine Handler with a specialized police unit, Kevin knew what it meant to work sixty plus hours a week, as did his wife, Pamela, a Lawyer/Federal Prosecutor. They met when they were both working as undercover police officers on a 10-month undercover drug sting. Pamela worked as a full-time police officer while she completed her law degree. When their son, Kaleb, was born, she knew it was time to trade in her gun for a day job.

Although they had great careers, they knew there was more to life than this corporate treadmill. They invested in the market, bought real estate, and worked lots of overtime, but financial and time freedom seemed elusive to them. That is, until they were introduced to Network Marketing by a neighbor, which led them to start their
business in the spring of 2009.

Within six months, they were earning five-figures per month, and within eighteen-months, they earned enough residual income to more than replace their $250,000 in annual salaries. On top of that, they received over $100,000 in additional bonuses. They were awarded the fastest growing business internationally within their
company in 2010, along with several other awards. In 2011, they were part of their company’s Field Advisory Board.

They have grown their organization to over 18,000 people and approximately $165,000 in weekly sales. They have personally sponsored 198 people, and continue to recruit on a weekly basis because they believe you must lead by example